Submitting testimony on legislation you care about is one of the best ways to get involved! It’s a direct way to tell your legislators why you want them to vote on specific issues. NOTE: Testimony may be submitted ONLY for measures that have been scheduled for a hearing.


To submit testimony, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit on the web.

  2. On the top right side of the welcome page, click Sign In or Register (if you haven’t done so before).

  3. Once logged in, click the "Submit Testimony" button (it’s orange).

  4. Next, enter the name of the measure to search for it (ex: HB1 for House Bill 1; no dashes, periods, or spaces).

  5. Click on the measure in the search results page, which will take you to the Measure Status page.

  6. Select the blue "Submit Testimony" button.

  7. Fill out the form and add your testimony. You can enter it in the "Your Testimony/Comments" box, or, if you’ve created a document (i.e., MS Word or PDF) you can upload your file using the "Browse" button. In your testimony, explain the reasons for your position. It’s best to support your viewpoint with facts and experiences.

  8. Review the information on the summary page.

  9. Make sure you agree to the privacy terms (click the checkbox) before proceeding.

  10. Click the "Submit Testimony" button to send your testimony on its way!


You’ll get an email confirming that your testimony was received. You may also attend a hearing and submit oral testimony in person at the Capitol. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact us.