Representative Gene Ward Ph.D. Joins Governor Lingle’s Southeast Mission

Representative Gene Ward Ph.D. (R-Hawaii Kai – Kalama Valley) will be joining Governor Linda Lingle’s security and trade mission to Indonesia and Japan. The purpose of the trip’s mission is to strengthen emergency preparedness partnerships between those nations and Hawai’i.

Governor Lingle, Representative Ward, General Lee and other cabinet members will spend five days in Jakarta, meeting with tsunami experts, government officials and members of the military. They will then go to Tokyo and Okinawa, where they will focus on tourism and economic opportunities. Their trip runs from June 9th to the 22nd. Accompanying Lingle and Ward throughout the trip will be tsunami and region experts, members of her administration and tourism officials. The Purpose of the mission is to build cooperation between Hawaii and Indonesia with regards to trade and security.

Representative Ward was added to the mission by appointment from the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Calvin Say, when he learned Ward was fluent in Indonesian, having been in the Peace Corps and a United Nations consultant in the area for many years. “Many of Indonesia’s present leaders were trained at the University of Hawaii and I look forward to meeting with a lot of my former colleagues from the East-West center,” Ward concluded.

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