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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Feb. 13, 2017 MIKE BUCK with Rep. Andria Tupola

Topics include last week’s traffic meeting in Nanakuli regarding lock access roads and DOT not having any money for a new road.  “Interestingly they barely covered the $3 million that’s going into building an access road in the homestead possibly through people’s properties,” said Rep. Tupola.

People from Malama Pregnancy center are worried the limited pregnancy center bill that received a lot of testimony in opposition this past Friday and the decision making vote will be Tuesday in Health. SB501 requires all limited service pregnancy centers to disclose the availability of and enrollment information for reproductive health services. Establishes privacy and disclosure requirements for individual records and information. Authorizes civil penalties and civil actions for enforcement and remedy.

Grants in Aid hearing had over 120 organizations petitioning the state for money.  Many organizations were hesitant because of the project 300 million shortfall in the budget.

The Westside Ukulele Bash was a success Over 200 kids were there learning from the ukulele guild and some schools performed at the end.  It was a beautiful venue at four seasons!



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Jerome & Debra Werner from 808, Rep Tupola, , Kelli & Boy Timoteo


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