The Mike Buck Show with guest Rep. Tupola Feb 13, 2017 -Audio Only

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Mike Buck discusses the issues at the Hawaii State Legislature with his guest Representative Andria Tupola, Minority Leader, (R – H District 43 Ewa Villages, Kalaeloa, Honokai Hale, Nanakai Gardens, Ko Olina, Kahe Point, Nanakuli, Lualualei, Maili).

Rep. Tupola discusses singing, coaching self-confidence and her dissertation (Ph.D.), which she is currently completing.  She spent time in Venezuela which inspired her to run for office in the House of Representatives.

The issues discussed are homeliness, the bill process “gut and replace”, 3 million dollar short-fall, social media, staffing and transitions, suicide and assistant suicide, taxes, uses fees, sacred site, Hawaii 5-0 and GET.


Representative Andria Tupola with the Sounds of Hawaii and Mike Buck


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