The Mike Buck Show with guest Rep. Tupola April 10, 2017 -Audio Only

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

APril 10, 2017 MIKE BUCK with Rep. Andria Tupola

Topics include second crossover at the House of Representatives, which is 38 bills from the Senate.  Rep. Tupola noted that the city has not spent any money on the rail. All the funds to date are from G.E. Taxes.

On April 11th, SB501 passed Third Reading as amended.  The bill addresses Limited Service Pregnancy Centers; Disclosures;  Representative(s) Matsumoto voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Cachola, DeCoite, Har, Kong, McDermott, Oshiro, Say, Tokioka, Tupola, Ward voting no (10) and none excused (0). Transmitted to Senate.

Rep. Tupola addresses SB620 HD2 Taxation; Sales; Out-of-State Retailers or Vendors; Notification; Reporting with a concern callers. The second city is proving houses but not jobs.  HB1396 Community Care Foster Family Homes; Private-pay Clients; Medicaid Clients -Report adopted; Passed Third Reading, as amended (SD 2). Ayes, 25; Aye(s) with reservations: none . Noes, 0 (none). Excused, 0 (none). Transmitted to House. 4/11/2017    H    Returned from Senate (Sen. Com. No. 652) in amended form (SD 2). Voting Fire Extinguishers and home safety. 


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