The House Republican Balanced Budget: No New Taxes, Funding Furlough Fridays, and Ensuring a Sustain

House Republicans present the first balanced budget and financial plan, that does not raise taxes, fully funds Furlough Fridays, and ensures a sustainable safety net,” declared House Minority Policy Leader Gene Ward (R-17th District – Hawaii Kai-Kalama Valley). 

 The budget that will be presented today supports House Republicans’ previous claims that the Legislature can say no to “job killers” that will only slow our economic recovery while preserving core services for our most vulnerable.

 In short, our budget will:

  1. Provide up to $92 million to end school furloughs

  2. Restore House cuts to services for children and adolescents

  3. Add funds for Kupuna Care, public libraries, agriculture inspectors and more

  4. Generate revenue without tax increases

 Additionally, we have posted the State Budget online in an interactive Excel format that the public can use to better understand the budgeting process and build their own budget should they wish.

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