The 2015 Women’s Legislative Caucus Easter Basket donation drive

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

The 2015 Women’s Legislative Caucus Easter Basket donation drive was coordinated this year by Representative Lauren Matsumoto and Senator Rozalyn Baker.

Easter Loading the Truck

Baskets were filled with essential household items, such as laundry soap, utensils, toiletries, and towels, which will benefit clients at Institute for Human Services.  Every year the donations  help families and individuals get a head start when moving from being homeless to having a permanent home.

The Legislative Women’s Caucus is a bipartisan organization that consists of the women Senators and women members of the House of Representatives.  The Caucus works closely with women’s organizations and concerned individuals across the State, as well as with the Governor, state agencies and other legislators to advocate for programs and services that benefit women.

Easter with Kimo Carvalho, Director IHS

Let to right:

Representative Della Au Belatti, Kimo Carvalho, Director, for the Institute of Human Services, Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland, Representative Feki Pouha, Senator Rozalyn Baker, Senator Laura Thielen, Representative Lauren Kealohilani Matsumoto and Representative Cynthia Thielen.


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