Same-gender marriage briefing House of Representatives, Hawaii

Hosted by Representatives Bob McDermott and Gene Ward

October 23, 2013; Hawaii State Capitol, Room 329, 5:30 pm

(Background: On September 9th, Governor Neil Abercrombie issued a Proclamation calling for the State House and State Senate to reconvene for a Special Session for consideration of legislation his administration authored concerning same-gender marriage. The Special Session will commence on Monday, October 28, 2013.

Testimony by Experts in the Field: • Prof. Lynn Wardle, BYU Law School: “Family Law + Marriage Impacts” • Mr. Phil Lees: Ontario, Canada Teacher and Marriage Advocate • O’Reilly’s Bed and Breakfast: legal experiences from Vermont • Prof. Mark Regnerus: “The Sociology of the Family and Children” • William Duncan, Director, “Marriage Law Foundation”

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