Sabers JV Basketball Team Rallies To Help Neighbor

Clean up McDermott

McDermott’s Message …Rep. Bob McDermott


Lourdes Torres didn’t know who to call for help. Her yard had become seriously overgrown. But at her age, she no longer had the energy to take on the rigorous work of climbing, trimming and hauling the clippings from her yard.

“It is just too much,” said Torres when she called me. “You are the only person I could think of calling who might be able to help me.”

Although I normally don’t see yard service as part of my legislative job description, I always try to help my constituents, no matter what their problems might be. I have been known to clean roadsides, haul old mattresses, corral stray dogs and even guard crosswalks. I also know a great network of community volunteers who help their neighbors in Ewa, and I can always count on them to be there when called upon.

I knew the answer was to call District 50′s Ewa Beach Lions Club. So I picked up the phone and called the president, Kurt Fevella. He immediately contacted his friend Joe Atinma, who in turn rounded up some of his JV basketball players from Campbell High School.

The team of community volunteers was hard at work when I arrived at Torres’ house. With hedge clippers and other yard work paraphernalia in hand, everyone was hacking and hauling away. There were overgrown hedges, dead branches and weeds. The yard was indeed overgrown and needed a lot of attention, but the team met the challenge with gleeful hearts. Mrs. Torres was so happy to have her yard in order.

As we finish celebrating this holiday season, it’s reassuring to know that when the call goes out, the Ewa Beach community is full of members who always stand ready to help their neighbors. I’m proud to be part of this community, and I’m thankful for generous people like Kurt, Joe and the young high school boys from Campbell who are willing to step up and do the right thing. In Ewa Beach, this spirit of caring and giving is not just a holiday ritual, it is a daily practice!

From Ewa, let us be among the first to wish you Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!


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