Republicans Demand Reform of the Grants-In-Aid Process

Honolulu- “We demand reform of the Grants In Aid (GIA) process; one that achieves effectiveness with built in accountability measures,” said Minority Leader Representative Lynn Finnegan. We are concerned with the lack of formal criteria and it is vital that the public is able to participate in a process that has independent reviews, checks and balances with formal guidelines,” continued Representative Lynn Finnegan. Representative Colleen Meyer will also be requesting an investigation by the Speaker of the House, Calvin Say, of Representative Michael Magaoay’s position as the Grants-in-Aid sub committee chair in relation to his campaign fundraising. Representative Thielen will be requesting that Representative Magaoay return campaign funds that were raised from non-profit connections. “It is never good when the public is left with a “pay for play” taste in their mouths,” said Representative Colleen Meyer. “We demand change and offer our support in an effort to rise above a flawed process,” concluded Representative Lynn Finnegan. The three Honolulu Advertiser articles that have prompted the House of Representatives Republican reply are: Rob Prerez Articles of December 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2007. Hawaii nonprofit grant funding a mystery Hawaii House grants job a lucrative post Hawaii nonprofit funding unusual The House of Representatives Republicans are offering a resolution and asking for 51 signatures to promote a more open procedure for the Grants-in-Aide process.

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