Reps. Thielen, Ward and Riviere deliver an amendment relating to SB280 – agriculture

Description The purpose of this bill is to repeal requirement that all Hawaii-grown green coffee beans be inspected and certified by DOA for grade and origin and related prohibition on shipping uninspected green coffee beans outside area of geographic origin. Version HD1 of this bill removes requirement that DOA inspect and certify all Hawaii-grown green coffee beans unless otherwise specified by DOA rules; removes prohibition on shipping Hawaii-grown green coffee beans outside area of geographic origin unless they have been inspected by DOA. Cuts bureaucratic red tape by eliminating lengthy delays caused by necessity of DOA inspections. Also allows green coffee beans to be shipped out of their district much faster, thus simplifying business operations and alleviating storage problems for coffee growers.

Supporters Kona Coffee Council, Hawaii Coffee Company, Hawaii Coffee Association, Rural Kona Mill and Museum, Greenwell Farms, Hawaii Coffee Growers Association, Dole Food Company, Captain Cook Coffee Company, McDonalds of Hawaii, numerous individuals.

Contact: Excerpt from Capitol TV

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