Reps. McDermott, Thielen and Ward address SB1209 – Vending from Highways; Airspace

RELATING TO HIGHWAYS. Report Title: Vending from Highways; Airspace Description: Authorizes the director of transportation, upon application, to issue a written permit authorizing the applicant to vend in the airspace above a highway. (CD1)

4/30/2013 S Passed Final Reading, as amended (CD 1). 25 Aye(s); Aye(s) with reservations: none . 0 No(es): none. 0 Excused: none. 4/30/2013 H Passed Final Reading as amended in CD 1 with none voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Cheape, Fale, Fukumoto, Ing, Johanson, McDermott, Thielen, Ward, Wooley voting no (9) and none excused (0).

thielen highways
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