Reps. McDermott, Fale, Ward, Oshiro and Jordon and Address -Religious Freedom Restoration Act;

Representatives Bob McDermott, Richard Fale, Gene Ward, Jo Jordan and Marcus Oshiro address HB 1624

RELATING TO EQUAL RIGHTS. HB 1624 Report Title: Religious Freedom Restoration Act; Established Description: Provides that government should not substantially burden religious exercise without compelling justification; applies the compelling interest test to balance religious liberty and competing government interest.

This Act shall be known as the Hawaii Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2014. The legislature finds that, while same sex marriage is a great advancement for human liberty, this change could have serious implications if steps are not taken to protect the liberties and equal rights of those religious organizations and believers who cannot conscientiously recognize or facilitate same-sex civil marriages.

recom - mcdermitt
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