Representatives Colleen Meyer and Gene Ward discuss Governor Linda Lingle’s Vetoes

Representatives Colleen Meyer and Gene Ward discuss Governor Linda Lingle’s list of 52 bills that she is considering for potential vetoes. The Governor is required by statute to give the Legislature 10 days notice of any bill she is considering vetoing. This year the deadline to veto bills is July 8. Any bill on the potential veto list can still be signed by the Governor or allowed to become law without her signature. Placing the bills on the potential veto list allows the Governor additional time to deliberate, and provides additional opportunities for the public to voice their support or concern relating to the bills. Governor Lingle pointed out that a number of bills on the list contain good programs; however, due to the State’s fiscal outlook and the fiscal impacts the programs would have on the State’s budget, she does not believe it would be prudent to implement them at this time. The Governor expressed optimism that the measures could be revisited when the state’s fiscal picture improves. This year the Legislature passed 294 bills. Twelve bills were vetoed while the Legislature was still in session. For a complete list of bills that have become law this legislative session or to read the Governor’s statements of objections on bills already vetoed, visit the Governor’s Web site at: Public comments on the 52 bills being considered for vetoes on July 8 may be sent to the Governor’s office as follows: Email: or

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