Representatives address HB622 – Evidence; News Media Privilege; Shield Law

The Conference Committee recommends that the measure be Passed, with Amendments. The votes were as follows: 2 Ayes: Representative(s) Rhoads, Belatti; Ayes with reservations: none; 1 Noes: Representative(s) Thielen; and 1 Excused: Representative(s) C. Lee. 4/25/2013 H Reported from Conference Committee (Conf Com. Rep. No. 54) as amended in (CD 1). 4/25/2013 H Forty-eight (48) hours notice Tuesday, 04-30-13. 4/25/2013 S Reported from Conference Committee as amended CD 1 (Conf. Com. Rep. No. 54). 4/25/2013 S 48 Hrs. Notice (as amended CD 1) 04-30-13.

chamber sitting
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