Representative Thielen and Marumoto Said House Bill 2847 Erodes DUI Laws

This afternoon, over the objections of myself and my colleague, Rep. Barbara Marumoto (R-19th District), the House Judiciary committee voted to pass out House Bill 2847 from committee.

House Bill 2847 provides a further exception to our drivers’ license revocation rules by allowing those who have had their licenses revoked for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or narcotics to get conditional license permits for personal medical or dental care or to assist in the care of another person who is unable to drive.  While I am sympathetic to caregivers and those with legitimate medical needs, this exception further erodes our DUI laws.

With an exception this broad, this proposed legislation is like Swiss cheese with even larger holes.  As the House is moving a proposal for ignition interlock devices for DUI offenders and as I and my Republican colleagues continue to push for tougher sanctions against those who drive under the influence, this type of legislation does little to keep our streets safer and reduce the death toll on our roads.

Representative Cynthia Thielen

(R-50th District, Kailua-Kaneohe Bay)

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