Representative McDermott Discusses Hawaii’s Early Childhood Education

Honolulu—Following Governor Abercrombie’s State of the State presentation, Representative Bob McDermott quickly reacted to the early education proposal.

“The Governor’s proposals on early education are commendable,” said McDermott.

From Paul Berman’s 1988 outline for Hawaii’s Business Roundtable Legislators already have suggested guidelines. The publication gives a complete and functional plan for education reform while noting that preschool was one of the five components for a reformation of the system.

From the abstract, “the plan calls for a substantial financial investment and a commitment to a long-run program to achieve excellence. It suggested: (1) institute universal early childhood education; (2) reorganize K-12 governance and management; (3) modernize curriculum and instruction; (4) strengthen the teaching and administrative professions; and (5) renew secondary schools. The booklet closes with a summary of a transition plan and overall costs for implementing these recommendations. The others recommendations address reorganizing of governance and management, curriculum and instruction; strengthening the teaching and administrative profession and a renewing of the secondary schools.” The Berman report is supported by Governor Waihee, Cayetano and Lingle.

“I believe comprehensive educational reform can still be done but not with another centralized statewide program,” concluded McDermott.


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