Representative Cynthia Thielen H.B. No. 2570, – Dietitians; Licensing

We should consider all available options for nutrition services. Not all practitioners are dietitians and should not be forced to register as such. This bill is an attempt to monopolize nutritional services in Hawaii. Dietetics is only a small part of the nutrition industry. Per the American Nutrition Association, this bill would negatively impact an already-struggling Hawaii economy and our state’s obesity problem, and would effectively eliminate an entire profession and removes all competition in the field of nutrition services. Specifically: • It needlessly eliminates the jobs of countless nutrition and related healthcare professionals for the sole benefit of Registered Dieticians and their trade group, the American Dietetic Assn. • It increases healthcare costs by removing competition and patient options in the field of nutritional healthcare services. • It restricts patient access to services and information on nutrition and nutrition services and jeopardizes nutrition-based businesses. • It results in the criminalization of nutrition counseling beyond nutritionists for many highly trained professionals, including potentially chiropractors, naturopaths, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

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Excerpt from Capitol TV

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