Rep Thielen questions HECO’s CFO regarding HB 992 – Revenue Bonds

Rep. Cynthia Thielen questions Tayne S. Y. Sekimura, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer HECO, Financial Vice President HELCO and MECO

Measure Title: RELATING TO THE ISSUANCE OF SPECIAL PURPOSE REVENUE BONDS TO ASSIST HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC., MAUI ELECTRIC COMPANY, LIMITED, AND HAWAII ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY, INC. Report Title:  SPRB; Special Purpose Revenue Bonds; Utilities; HECO ($) Description:  Authorizes the issuance of special purpose revenue bonds to assist Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc., Maui Electric Company, Limited, and Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc. Companion:  SB1214 Package: None Current Referral:  EEP, FIN Introducer(s): LUKE

The committees on EEP recommend that the measure be PASSED, WITH AMENDMENTS. The votes were as follows: 7 Ayes: Representative(s) C. Lee, Lowen, Cullen, Evans, Nishimoto, Say, Yamane; Ayes with reservations: none; 1 Noes: Representative(s) Thielen; and 2 Excused: Representative(s) Ing, Pouha.

headshot dec 2011

Excerpt from Capitol TV Committee hearing EEP on Tuesday, 02-17-15 8:30AM in House conference room 325.


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