Rep. Thielen questions A&B on the Hemp Bill SB 2659

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Representative Cynthia Thielen (Kailua, Kaneohe Bay) questions the Alexander & Baldwin spokesman on provisions in the bill regarding Hemp farming.

RELATING TO INDUSTRIAL HEMP. Description:  Establishes an industrial hemp pilot program to allow the cultivation of industrial hemp and distribution of its seed in Hawaii through limited activities by licensee-agents of the board of agriculture for purposes of agricultural or academic research. Appropriates funds for department of agriculture staff to assist in the pilot program.

From the Honolulu Advertiser:  “In written testimony for SB 2659, Mike Moran, president of the Kihei Community Association,  said the measure could ultimately provide relief to Maui after the closure of Hawaii’s last sugar plantation.”

The House Finance committee passed the bill with no amendments.

Contact:  Except from Capitol TV


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