Rep. Thielen Cynthia gives the “Hawaiian Word of the Day” Ahonui

In the Hawaii House of Representatives, Representative Cynthia Thielen gives  the “Hawaiian Word of the Day” Ka Hua `Ōlelo o Ka Lā – Hawaiian Word of the Day Ahonui (ah hoe new ee) Definition from the Hawaiian Dictionary, Mary K. Pukui, Samuel H. Elbert: patience, patient, enduring, long suffering, to tolerate. The Literal meaning is “great breath.”

Ahonui is a very special word. Being patient and tolerant is often a difficult thing to do. But isn’t it interesting how ahonui also means “long suffering “as well as the literal meaning of “great breath”. Ahonui is a reminder that when we are faced with situations and people who have challenged our patience and tolerance, we must take a great breath and reflect on why we are feeling impatient or intolerant. A deep breath, the ha – our breath of life will remind us that we are all one, so we must be ahonui with others as well as ourselves.


Excerpt from Capitol TV


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