Rep. Richard Fale Addresses HB 2256 – Energy and Food Security

RELATING TO THE ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSE, ENERGY, AND FOOD SECURITY TAX REPEAL DATE. Report Title: Energy and Food Security Description: Enables a resource strategy aligned with the State’s 2030 clean energy laws. Revises the environmental response, energy, and food security tax repeal date to June 30, 2030. 2/28/2014 H Passed Third Reading with Representative(s) Johanson, Matsumoto, Ward voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) Aquino, Awana, Cullen, Fale, Fukumoto, Hanohano, McDermott, Yamane voting no (8) and Representative(s) Carroll, Creagan, Har, Thielen, Woodson excused (5). Transmitted to Senate.

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