REP. MARUMOTO: Queen Lydia Liliuokalani School Should Not Be Closed

However, in the case of Queen Lydia Lili’uokalani School, history and tradition argues even more strongly against closure.  It would indeed be ironic to shut its doors on the 100th school year since the Queen dedicated its opening.

I support the friends and families of Lili’uokalani who are protesting the recommendation of the Consolidation Report.  I understand that the closing would save the State only $372,000 a year, and some parents even dispute that figure.

I ask the Board and the Department of Education (BOE) to carefully consider whether the cost savings are significant enough to close a school.

I ask the BOE and Department of Education (DOE) to weigh the effect on students who will bear the emotional burden of dislocation.  If you insist on closure, consider giving the students sufficient time to adjust to the move.

Perhaps five years would help, but I still believe that the cost savings are too meager to end this beloved institution in Kaimuki Town.

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