Rep. Marumoto Addresses Covenants

Though HB 1431 has statewide application, Rep. Barbara Marumoto believes it would be useful in maintaining the attractiveness of the Kahala area of the 19th House District.  In the past 6 years, a Japanese billionaire purchased over 2 dozen properties and has allowed many of them to remain vacant and neglected.  He has knocked down walls and filled swimming pools with the rubble.  He has attempted to build an illegal seawall as well as demolishing several multi-million homes.  Many of his activities have been performed without the requisite county permits.  If brought to his attention, he has acquired permits after-the- fact.

“Long time residents are beside themselves with the rundown condition of Kahala Avenue.  They are also upset with the announcement that this owner is thinking about establishing a museum in their neighborhood.  The zoning does not lend itself to a museum, but can be constructed with a variance.  HB 1431 will help residents keep the area a single family neighborhood – attractive and liveable,” said Rep. Marumoto.

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