Rep. Gene Ward Addresses SB755 – Special Management Area Permits

The purpose of this bill is to temporarily exempt airport structures and improvements from the special management area permit and shoreline setback variance requirements when the structures and improvements are necessary to comply with FAA regulations.

EC further noted that the governor, as an office of the executive branch, and therefore an agency by definition of HRS 343-2, already may establish exemption lists, albeit with the Council’s concurrence and subject to the Hawaii Administrative Rules.

This measure would provide the governor an alternative pathway to establish an exemption list that would take immediate effect upon publication in the bulletin; this could happen on July 1, 2012, the day the bill takes effect; no discussion has been held on how the governor would prepare such a list.

Limiting factors are even more pronounced for any approving state agencies as they are directly under the power of the executive; the practical effect of this is that no one will exercise oversight of the government to ensure its actions have little or no significant effects on the environment.

Contact: Excerpt from Capitol TV

Rep. Gene Ward second time addressing SB 755 – Special Management Area Permits

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