Rep. Fale addresses minimum wage amendment

RELATING TO MINIMUM WAGE. Report Title: Labor; Minimum Wage; Tip Credit Description: Increases minimum wage rate to $7.75 per hour beginning on 1/1/15, $8.50 per hour beginning on 1/1/16, $9.25 per hour beginning on 1/1/17, and $10.00 per hour beginning on 1/1/18. Increases the tip credit to 50 cents per hour beginning on 1/1/15, and 75 cents per hour beginning on 1/1/16; provided that beginning 1/1/15, the combined amount the employee receives in wages and tips is at least $7 more than the applicable minimum wage. (SB2609 HD2) Floor Amendment No. 7 offered by Rep. Fale. 4/8/2014 H Floor amendment failed following a voicel vote: Noes, 3 (Representative(s) Ing, Luke, Wooley). Excused, 0 (none). 4/8/2014 H Passed Third Reading as amended in HD 2 with Representative(s) Awana, Fale, Fukumoto, Hanohano, Har, Johanson, Kawakami, Matsumoto, Takumi, Tokioka, Ward voting aye with reservations; Representative(s) McDermott voting no (1) and none excused (0). Transmitted to Senate.

Fale SB 2809
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