Rep. Barbara Marumoto address HB 2514 – Relating to Public Safety

The purpose of this bill is to implement the recommendations of the Justice Reinvestment Working Group relating to improvements in the pre-trial process, parole, restitution, and availability of services in the criminal justice system and Department of Public Safety.

During PBM, Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney Keith Kaneshiro characterized the bill, as a whole, as “a single minded effort to release more individuals from custody…without clearly defining how this will be done consistent with the needs of both public safety and victim safety”. During FIN, Mr. Kaneshiro said money savings is related to saving bed space. What you need to have is the parole and probation officers in place before you take inmates out. Mr. Lindbladt, Private bail bondsman: 3 days for assessments is too little time. This is a rush to judgment. Rep. Ward asked him what is a reasonable amount. Lindbladt said two weeks. (Note: the HD3 addresses this concern, and makes it moot, as it make the 3-day assessment an internal assessment.)

Contact: Excerpt from Capitol TV

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