QRM LLC to place cabins on Ka Iwi.


A letter has just been received by the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board indicating the possible re-application of QRM LLC to place cabins on Ka Iwi.  Because Councilman Djou, the Hawaii Kai Hui, and a few of us learned quite a lesson from the past weakness in the permitting process for development of Preservation lands, a new law was passed a few months ago by the City Council which changed the requirement from a Conditional Use Permit (Minor) to Conditional Use Permit (Major). This essentially means that the public hearing requirements are much more lengthy and stringent and the community would not be hoodwinked the way it was the last time that QRM appeared before the Neighborhood Board and didn’t answer any of the community’s questions or concerns.Be that as it may, QRM LLC through its lawyer, William McCorriston, has requested that the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board provide an opportunity to make a presentation to the Board, or to wave such a requirement. Clearly the board is not going to waive the requirement, and Chair Knudsen has requested their presence at the next meeting.The next meeting of the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board is Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 7 pm, (since the Board does not meet during the month of December). Could you please put this date on your calendar, tell your family, friends, and neighbors to be sure to attend this meeting and let your views on the cabins be known?

My office and others as well as the media will be providing updates to verify the veracity and intensity behind this new approach by QRM, so this is just preliminary heads up to be prepared for what might be coming.

Attorney McCorriston is known as one of the more astute attorneys in the state of Hawaii, and this suggests we must be even more prepared to carry out the community’s opposition to this proposal.

Your attendance at the January 29 meeting at Hahaione Elementary School at 7 pm is our best first step in that direction.


Rep. Gene Ward repward@capitol.hawaii.gov 586-6420 / 781-9931

p.s. Updates to follow

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