New Business Leaves West Oahu Residents Upset


 HONOLULU, HAWAII – “The community is puzzled and my office is seeking answers as to why no one from Times Supermarkets or Star Market returned any of our telephone calls concerning abandoning the Ewa Beach community. The sale transaction of Star Markets Ltd, to the buyer, QSI (Times Supermarket), failed to allow residents to prepare in any way for a loss of a major grocer,” said Representative Kymberly Pine.

 This transaction of completely closing down until a new Longs Drugs Store (CVS), opens in almost a year will significantly hurt our smaller retailers, cause a traffic jam at our current Foodland and cause serious hardships for our elderly and disabled who depended on a nearby grocery store.” Times Supermarket did not return any inquires made by Representative Pine’s office regarding the status of their sales plans, leaving an area with a population of over 45,000 with no notice that they will be left with only one major supermarket, Foodland.  Star Market also would not release any details when called.

 “These actions by these two retailers are just unacceptable,” said Rep. Pine.  “A lot of planning needs to be done to ensure that our residents have a smooth transition to having only one grocery store to buy their food in the area.  These companies obviously had planned their sale for quite some time and could care less about letting the people of Ewa Beach know that they will not replace the current Star Market with a Times and instead will replace it with a Longs which we already have in Ewa Beach.”

 Rep. Pine added that to accommodate the influx of patrons at the Ewa Town Center, where the current Foodland exits, she is encouraging the Ewa Town Center management to make modifications to their parking lot. 

 “The parking situation I am proposing for the Ewa Town Center would permit additional handicapped parking spaces and accommodate an increase in riders seeking transportation through HandiVan services,” explained Rep. Pine.

 Representative Pine stated that she is happy to learn that CVS is willing to listen to the needs of the community.   CVS was quick to return Representative Pine’s inquiries as to the status of the vacated retail space. “CVS responded to my office with class.”   According to CVS, a Longs Drug Store is scheduled to open in the fall of 2010.

 A video on KITV News that covered the issue yesterday is available to watch by linking to:

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