Mike Buck with guest Rep. Fukumoto Chang on Monday, March 07, 2016

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Mike Buck speaks with Minority Caucus Leader,  Representative Fukumoto Chang (Mililani Mauka, Mililani) about Hawaii’s gun control laws and the upcoming national and state elections.

Proposed Legislation in the Current Session: Senate Bill 2956 and House Bill 2632 would require that gun owners who have been disqualified from owning a firearm because of mental illness immediately surrender their firearms.

House Bill 2629 would establish “continuous background checks” to alert police when Hawaii gun owners have been arrested in another county or state.

House Bill 626 would prohibit a person carrying a firearm from consuming alcohol outside of their home, temporary residence, or a place they are staying temporarily, such as a hotel room.

House Bill 1813 would prohibit people who are on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database from legally obtaining a firearm in Hawaii.

Contact: repfukumoto@capitol.hawaii.gov   Audio Only


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