MARINE CORPS AIR STATION EWA FIELD CERTIFICATE CEREMONY Part 2 of 4 Kymberly Pinepresented the Marine Corps Air Station at Ewa field with a House of Representatives’ certificate on December 7, 2008.

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION EWA FIELD WHEREAS, the 83 year old MARINE CORPS AIR STATION (MCAS) EWA FIELD has a rich and storied history dating back to its beginnings in 1925 when it was carved out of the kiawe bush, becoming one of the first airfields in Hawaii; and

WHEREAS, on December 7, 1941, MCAS EWA FIELD became an indelible part of American history by being the first military installation attacked by Japanese fighters, just minutes before they assaulted Pearl Harbor; and

 WHEREAS, on that faithful day in 1941, four marines, Sgt William E. Lutschan, Sgt Karolo Micheletta, PFC George Turner, and PFC Edward Steven Lawrence, and two residents, Francisco Tacderan and six year old Yaeko Lillian Oda, lost their lives when the naval air forces of the empire of Japan attacked the MCAS EWA FIELD; and

 WHEREAS, throughout the second world war, MCAS EWA FIELD played a critical role in America’s war effort in the Pacific by serving as the major Marine aviation headquarters in the Pacific, and was a staging and transit point for all Marine assets moving into the combat zones of the South Pacific; and

 WHEREAS, on June 18, 1952, MCAS EWA FIELD was forced to close because its runways were inefficient for jet aircrafts and expansion was impossible due to the proximity of the Naval Air Station at Barbers Point, and today the air field is now abandoned; and

 WHEREAS, in recognition of the significant role that MCAS EWA FIELD played in our nation’s and state’s history, historian John Bond brought together a diverse group of current and retired military members, private citizens, and a bipartisan group of elected officials under the banner of saving Ewa Field to protect the historic airfield from development by placing it on a list of National Historic Places as a National Landmark; now, therefore,

 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the Twenty-fourth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, on this day of December 7, 2008 that this body commends the efforts of John Bond and the tireless work of the numerous volunteers who are dedicated and committed to the preservation of the historic MCAS EWA FIELD.

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