Lawmakers look to regulate puppy farms By Tim Sakahara KITV

The undercover video showed sick, injured or dead dogs. It was taken at a farm in Waimanalo and sparked an outcry when the Hawaiian Humane Society wasn’t able to issue any citations.

“There needs to be tougher laws,” said Ellen Yee, Waimanalo resident.

Yee lives right next to the puppy farm and has been itching to get lawmakers involved.

“It’s smelly it’s noisy and it’s affecting our health and my workers health who no longer can work nearby because they get nauseous and headaches,” said Yee.

“People would look at Hawaii and say you mean Hawaii lets this inhumane process go on and they aren’t doing anything about it?” said State Representative Cynthia Thielen, (R) Kailua, Kaneohe Bay.

The various animal laws being introduced look to regulate large scale breeders because any breeder that sells to a pet store is supposed to have a federal permit, but there isn’t a single permit issued in the state. Yet pet stores have plenty of puppies which is why the state wants better licensing laws.

“You get a dog tag for your dog, why don’t we have the same kind of licensing for places that are raising large amounts of puppies,” said Rep. Thielen.

They also want to limit the amount of dogs a farm can have, not allow a female to breed more than twice in 18 months, mandate regular exercise and allow inspectors access without waiting for permission. It’s all to give the Hawaiian Humane Society more teeth when it comes to enforcement.

“This bill will allow law enforcement to go in unimpeded,” said State Senator Clayton Hee, (D) Kahuku, Laie, Kaneohe.

With various lawmakers from both political parties pushing puppy farm bills they’re confident at least one will pass.

“I don’t think there is any question the legislature intends with all its vigor to address cruelty to animals and puppy mills that have been unimpeded in terms of their mass production,” said Sen. Hee.

“This is the state of aloha and we should be giving that aloha to our little four legged friends too,” said Rep. Thielen.

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