Kailua residents blame contractor for road project mishaps


More concerns are being raised about a mainland contractor who left open trenches in Kailua.

A bicyclist was hurt when she fell into one of them.

State Rep. Cynthia Thielen (R) Kailua-Kaneohe Bay, says it was one problem after another from the very beginning.

“I have to say that we’ve never had a Kailua project that has caused so many problems,”Rep. Thielen said.

Among the problems and probably the most dangerous are the open trenches that were dug up to install new bus pads. There are about a dozen of them on Mokapu Boulevard, each one with rows of rebar or metal rods sticking out of the curb.

There are sawhorses to serve as barricades, but they were not enough to keep Allison Vande Kapelle from falling in when she was riding her bike on Saturday.

Rep. Thielen and other residents say the trenches have been left open for at least a month and no one has been working on them.

“It’s not something you’d like to have in a neighborhood or a busily walked, biked, and traveled area,” Rep. Thielen said.

The contractor for the project is Road and Highway Builders, which is based in Nevada.


Then there was a traffic jam because workers kept the lanes closed past the evening rush hour.

Residents also say construction waste was not covered properly and was washing into the Kawainui Canal.

“It was one thing after another after another,” Rep. Thielen said.

After passing the complaints on to the state transportation department, Rep. Thielen got a phone number for the construction site manager and she handed it out in a community card to the residents.

“Shortly after the manager started getting the calls, that number was cut off,” Rep. Thielen said.

The Department of Transportation says Road and Highway Builders was the low bidder for the $5.76 million Mokapu Project.

The contractor is currently involved in one other road project with the state in Aiea.

KHON2 asked if the state has received complaints about that project as well and was told by the DOT that all road projects draw some complaints from area residents.

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