House Republicans Support Taro Security and Purity Task Force

House Republicans support taro security and purity task force, decision to line-item veto funding because of tight economic times.

“While the purpose of the taro security and purity task force is a good one, the decision to line-item veto the funding for the task force because of the challenging budget outlook ahead is also a prudent one,” said House Minority Leader Lynn Finnegan.

Senate Bill 2915 establishes the taro security and purity task force within the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. The task force is made up of various representatives from the public and private sector, as well as taro farmers. Senate Bill 2915 also appropriates $325,000 for the purposes of the task force, and must be matched by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs before release.

“We are all aware of how important this issue is to the community by the volume of testimony we received during the session. Establishing the task force will allow those interested parties who are able to volunteer their time to help us move forward on the issues surrounding taro,” continued Representative Finnegan.

Senate Bill 2915 was line-item vetoed earlier today. The line-item veto only affects the appropriation portion of the bill.

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