House Republican Caucus Commends Fiscally Conservative House Budget

Caucus Jan 2013 # 2

“This is a clear sign that the House is moving in the right direction,” said Minority Leader Aaron Ling Johanson, Vice Chair of the House Committee on Finance. “I commend Chair Luke for protecting taxpayers from many harmful cost of living increases and pursuing a responsible budgetary approach as Hawaii’s fiscal outlook begins to improve.”

He continued, “This budget does many things that the Minority Caucus has long been advocating for. It restructures and reprioritizes spending to improve department efficiency, improves government accountability and begins to responsibly rebuild a solid foundation for Hawaii’s future.”

“The Governor has indicated that with rebounding revenues, the state should be free to spend taxpayer dollars at pre-recession levels,” said Minority Floor Leader Beth Fukumoto. “It’s promising that the State’s finances are rebounding, but it’s important that we not get ahead of ourselves.”

This is the first House budget to be passed under coalition leadership and House Finance Committee Chair, Rep. Sylvia Luke.

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