House Minority Caucus hails bipartisan PLDC repeal

Hawaii House Caucus Picture

“When legislation sparks such controversy among an array of diverse groups and the public, it is time to reconsider it. This repeal is a recognition of the public’s outcry,” said Minority Leader Aaron Ling Johanson.

Rep. Cynthia Thielen added, “I’m pleased that we were able to accomplish this repeal in a bipartisan fashion. There are many things the two parties do agree on – it’s encouraging to see members from both sides coming together for such good work. This is a prime example of the Legislature collaborating to satisfy the wishes of the people it serves.”

The previous Legislature established the Public Land Development Corporation with the intent of growing Hawaii’s economy, but its hurried process and closed-door implementation were criticized by a host of environmental and good-government organizations and individuals.

The repeal of the PLDC was a top priority of the House Minority Caucus this legislative session. The primary introducers of HB 1133 SD2 include thirteen Democrats and six Republicans.

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