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Letter to the Editor – April 05, 2013

Mahalo to the Star-Advertiser for recognizing the success of the Democratic-Republican coalition in the state House of Representatives (“Reduce tax burden on small businesses,” Star-Advertiser, Our View, April 2).

This new bipartisan leadership coalition has warded off fears of a tax-and-spend agenda.

chamber sitting

Your editorial correctly noted that the bipartisan coalition believes 2009’s temporary increase in the state’s highest income tax rate, originally slated for repeal in 2015, should be repealed a year earlier. This in turn would feed money back into the local economy. The bipartisan coalition also favors shrinking Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s budget by $600 million over two years.

I also appreciate David Shapiro’s acknowledgment of how well things are going in the House (“Souki-led House majority has delivered solid agenda,” Volcanic Ash, March 13).

Our House bipartisan coalition, a first for the Hawaii Legislature, better reflects Hawaii’s people. Instead of bickering and partisanship, we put our heads together and focus on solutions.

Rep. Cynthia Thielen Assistant minority leader and vice-chairwoman of the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection

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