Honoring Yukio Yoshikawa at the Hawaii House of Representatives

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Representative Gene Ward (H District 17Hawaii Kai, Kalama Valley) and Representative Tom Brower, (H District 22 Waikiki, Ala Moana) honored Yukio Yoshikawa with House Resolution 156 for his contribution to the small business community of Oahu.  Yukio Yoshikawa provides jobs for a multi-ethnic labor force at a quality car wash service, which has been in service for over 50 years. McKinley Car Wash is located on Kapiolani Boulevard.

On March 31, 2017 HR 156 was adopted with none voting aye with reservations; none voting no (0) and Representative(s) Aquino, Creagan, Har, Ing, McKelvey, Thielen, Tupola excused (7).

# 2 Yokio Yoshika Chamber with Reps. Bower and Ward.jpg

Representatives Tom Brower and Gene Ward with Yukio Yoshikawa and family on the Hawaii House of Representatives Chamber floor.

Contact: repward@capitol.hawaii.gov


Excerpt from Capitol TV

Watch Video on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_Mu3UsR8q0&feature=youtu.be


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