HECO must adapt or lose relevance


Letter to the Editor by Representative Cynthia Thielen – Feb 24, 2014

Sadly, Hawaiian Electric Co. has opted out of using the power of ocean energy to free our island state from fossil fuel dependence (“Is HECO adapting fast enough?” Star-Advertiser, Island Voices, Feb. 19).

In fact, HECO recently cancelled a wave-energy power purchase proposal from Oceanlinx, an international company specializing in wave energy technology. HECO’s reason for denying Oceanlinx’s proposal? The utility would not cover the device-to-shore cost transferring energy generated from the wave-energy device to the grid.

It is interesting to note, however, that HECO is willing to run a cable across the ocean floor to bring windmill energy from Lanai to Oahu at an exorbitant cost to ratepayers.

The good news is that Marine Corps Base Hawaii will deploy wave-energy technology sometime in 2014.

With this technology successfully creating energy for our military, HECO cannot ignore that ocean energy is the future for Hawaii’s energy independence.

HECO must adapt or it will cease to be relevant.


Rep. Cynthia Thielen Vice-chairwoman, House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection

Star Advertiser Article February 24, 2014

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