“Many residents have come to rely on Foodland for many decades, and it was a real shocker to learn of their abrupt closing on July 10.  What we hope to gain by this meeting is a better understanding of what took place and why, and what, if anything, can be done to prevent Foodland’s departure,” Ward said.

Members of the Sullivan family who own Foodland, Sofos Realty (who manage Koko Marina Shopping Center) have been invited to speak at the meeting. The public is invited to attend and voice their opinion on the proposed departure of Foodland and how we can soften the impact on our community.

“Foodland was founded in 1948 and is the largest locally owned grocery store chain in Hawaii with 32 locations.  It’s founder, Maurice J. “Sully” Sullivan, according to the Foodland website, had a vision that his stores would always be ‘community-focused and put customers first.’ Foodland has been an much-loved anchor tenant at Koko Marina Shopping Center since 1963, and the Hawaii Kai community is worried about the impact it’s withdrawal will have on our community,” Ward concluded.

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