Hawaii House of Representatives Minority Caucus Introductions 2015

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

In order of appearance: Representative Beth Fukumoto Chang – Minority Leader; Representative Feki Pouha, Representative,  Representative Cynthia Thielen, Representative Lauren Matsumoto, Representative Gene Ward, Representative Bob McDermott and Representative Andria Tupola  Floor Leader

RFC opening day

Left to Right: Representatives Bob McDermott, Feki Pouha, Gene Ward, Andria Tupola, Beth Fukumoto Chang, Lauren Matasumoto and Cynthia Thielen

Contact: repfukumoto@capitol.hawaii.gov; reptupola@capitol.hawaii.gov; repmatumoto@capitol.hawaii.gov; repmcdermott@capitol.hawaii.gov; reppouha@capitol.hawaii.gov; repthielen@capitol.hawaii.gov and repward@capitol.hawaii.gov


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