Hawaii House and Senate Minority Press Conference Jan 2014

Several other bills and issues with full Minority support were introduced at the joint press conference. These include bills for the protection of children and elderly persons, bills supporting veterans, tax exemptions, and more.

  1. Referendum/Initiative:

  2. SB 2142 (Initiative)

  3. SB 2143 (Referendum)

  4. HB 1816 (Initiative/Referendum)


  1. HB 1981/SB 2145: Bill of Rights for child victims & child witnesses

  2. HB 1982/SB 2146: Video testimony of child

  3. HB 1983/SB 2147: Silver Alert system

Military benefits:

  1. HB 1986/SB 2167: Income tax exclusion for military on active duty who our serving outside the State

  2. HB 1984/SB 2151: Military veteran designation on driver’s license


  1. HB 1985/SB 2159: Moves up disclosure deadline for financial interests to January 15th.

  2. HB 2625/SB 3080: Conforms State personal exemption amount to federal PE amount.

Ward  Slom Johanson Press Conference Jan 2014
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