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Building the future in love By Danny de Gracia II

As the community celebrates the season of love this Valentine’s Day, let us bring to remembrance the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that a deep man believes that the evil eye can wither, that the heart’s blessing can heal, that the orator can decompose his adversary, and most of all that love can exalt talent and overcome all odds.  The greatest force in building the future will be our love towards the community as a whole and our love towards one another.  Political issues come and go just as certain as the weather changes, people rise to fame and fall from power, strength, intellect, and skill will fade, but what remains forever is love. As we begin to commit to love our neighbors as ourselves and to turn from strife, we will open the door to all of our dreams and aspirations for the future.  Our greatest leaders are the leaders who lead in love, walk in truth, and live in compassion. One such rising star in the community that is deserving of recognition is none other than the host of the new Oahu television program Better Government, Sarah Ann Hunt.  Hunt, who regularly features Filipino legislators on her program, is also developing a new website to educate the public and bring greater awareness to not just the challenges but the responsibilities that we all have towards building the future.  Despite the fact that we live in a big world, people like Hunt are helping to make the distances between hearts smaller and smaller every day.  The example set by people like Hunt is one to be followed. ___ Danny P. de Gracia, II, MA Assistant to the Representative for Public Relations E-mail: pine2@capitol.hawaii.gov Mobile email: danny.degracia@tmo.blackberry.net Direct office phone: +1 (808) 586-9736

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