GOP legislators knocked off the air? – Volcanic Ash by David Shapiro

GOP legislators knocked off the air?

Catching up on the mail bag, Republicans in the Legislature are up in arms about an apparent decision by Democratic legislators to shut down a room in the Capitol used by Olelo to film lawmakers talking about what’s going on with the Legislature.

According to Rep. Cynthia Thielen, Democrats and Republicans alike took advantage of the room on the 4th floor to communicate with their constituents, but that Sen. Clayton Hee, the new Judiciary chairman, raised questions about the room when he saw a group of Republicans coming out.

Thielen said the next thing Republicans knew, Hee was planning to take over the room, which Democrats say is needed for hearings.

Thielen said she and House Minority Leader Gene Ward will ask the House leadership to provide studio space for Olelo.

Said Ward, “Denying us the studio at the Capitol to inform the people of what is going on in the square building, after we’ve become a one-newspaper town with a collapsed number of TV stations, puts democracy in serious danger.”

With Republicans down to eight in the House and one in the Senate, Democrats would be well-advised to avoid looking petty and go out of their way to be sure the minority has a fair chance to make its voice heard.

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