“We must thank Chair Yamane, and all committee members who voted in favor of this measure,” stated Representative Ching, who also introduced the original bill, “…in addition, we need to thank those who provided their voice of support.  This bill, which requires no additional government funding, would centralize, localize, and simplify prevention and awareness efforts in our community.”

Ching, a strong advocate for community vitality, and has made diabetes her newest priority for the 2012 legislative session.  “Health organizations and advocates have done a superb job assisting those affected by diabetes, but we need to understand why Hawaii is still among the highest in prevalence.” Ching says, “This is the beginning step to address an issue causing tremendous heartache and fiscal complications to our economy.”

After passing through the hearing, HB2865  will be voted on in a future House Session before it continues to the Committee on Finance.

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