CIvil Air Patrol

The fed DOE’s contract language with HCC defines a flight school as being permitted to use such facility- and Civil Air Patrol, a non-profit, is not of party to that definition. HCC is acting on that directive from the US DOE.  You will see the site in the video utilized by HCC/CAP in Kalaeloa.   CAP does not compete at all with HCC Flight School operations since CAP only uses the site on Saturday mornings for three hours when HCC is not up and running.

A solution has been proposed by Rep. Pine and others to initiate an amendment to the contract agreement to include “and other related” aeronautical, educational programs that are conducive to that industry such as the Civil Air Patrol.  In the meantime, Commander Hargrave with CAP has requested an extension with HCC to the end of December to preserve operations until this matter or location issue can be resolved.  The status of the extension request is unknown at this time.

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