BOA mortgage holders may get help

State Rep. George Fontaine is working with Bank of America to coordinate assistance to BOA mortgage holders.

Fontaine, who represents South Maui, will have access to an exclusive bank hot line on behalf of constituents and other Maui homeowners who are having difficulties with their mortgage payments. BOA’s goal is to establish contact with the customer within one business day, and to provide a response the legislator’s office and to the borrower within 20 business days on the specific issues of the inquiry.

While specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed, the goal is to have Bank of America develop a solution that allows the homeowner to keep a roof over his or her head.

Fontaine said, “I am glad to be able to offer this service to homeowners on Maui, and I am pleased that Bank of America is making a proactive effort to work with families in Hawaii to address their mortgage problems.”

Starting in April, Bank of America will have a team of representatives out in the community to meet one-on-one with homeowners. Fontaine’s office will facilitate arranging those meetings. Call Fontaine’s office at (808) 586-8525 or send e-mail to Homeowners will be asked to complete a simple one-page form.

All personal and financial information will be handled in a confidential manner.

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