Bills to Solve Problems for Our Schools – Rep. Kymberly Pine

HB 1352 – Mitigates crowding in our schools: Our kids deserve better than to learn in overcrowded classrooms. This bill allows multi-track calendar schools to measure the required instruction time in increments of hours instead of days, thereby allowing these overcrowded schools to manage the scheduling of the schools instructional calendar more effectively. *HB 1352 was referred to the following committees: EDN, FIN

HB 1349 – Improves school facilities through Capital Improvement Projects: Better school facilities encourage better learning. This bill allots money for Capital Improvement Projects to expand and physically improve our schools to so that they can effectively accommodate rising enrollments. *HB 1349 was referred to the following committee: FIN

HB 447 – Gives schools more decision-making authority on how to improve themselves: A school’s own principals and administrators have a better understanding of their schools’ needs than do members of Department of Education, so they should also have a larger say in how their school’s educational funds are used. This bill seeks to increase the percentage of their decision-making authority from 70% to 80% of received funds. *HB 447 was referred to the following committees: EDN, FIN

HB 1466 – Reduces crime in our schools: This bill protects DOE employees from civil lawsuits when they intervene to prevent a crime by students that might occur on or off school premises. This will encourage staff to intervene to prevent criminal activity before it happens, and not just report it afterwards. *HB 1466 was referred to the following committees: EDN, JUD, FIN

HB 932 – Gives our children equal opportunities: Extracurricular activities enhance the educational experience of all students, expand their perspectives and encourage cooperation with others. This bill will allow home-schooled students to participate in public school extracurricular activities. This will benefit public school students, home school students and the broader community as a whole. *HB 932 was referred to the following committees: EDN, FIN

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