Better Government, Part 1 of 7 November 26, 2008

Representative Lynn Finnegan, House Minority Leader, Representative Kymberly Pine, House Minority Floor Leader and Host Sarah Hunt fully support the efforts to open up government to more public scrutiny in the new series.  The one-hour show will give the public the tools to help identify such topics as the waste and questionable spending priorities in government, failed government policies, and new solutions to existing problems. The information provided in the series “Better Government” is meant to steer the public toward getting more involved in tax and spending polices, bills and issues that surround our the state. The series explores the current liberal cycle of explosive spending growth, tax increases, revenue shortfalls and budget cuts, while providing answers to how to move toward a more sustainable, conservative, fiscal path. “Better Government” will demonstrate that Hawaii’s people can trust Republican legislators to provide a “Better Government” that trully serves them.

“Better Government” Series I airs on Olelo Community Television Channel 54 12/9/08          Tuesday          8:00 am 12/10/08       Wednesday      8:00 am 12/20/08       Saturday          5:00 pm 12/24/08      Wednesday      6:00 pm

This round table discussion hosted by Sarah Hunt is with Representatives Lynn Finnegan, Kymberly Pine, Cynthia Thielen, and Gene Ward.

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