Representative Barbara Marumoto wants minors to wear helmets when operating ATVs. House Bill 2364 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee. To support this imports bill please send an e-mail to Representative Tommy Waters, Chair of Judiciary at

“We must protect our children,” said Representative Marumoto. “A children’s hospital in Arkansas reports that out of 500 consecutive injuries from ATV (all-terrain vehicles) accidents, children (ages 6 through 19 years) suffered the following injuries.

Head injuries included: 85 skull fractures, 66 cases of hemorrhage, 59 brain injuries.

Spinal injuries included: 21 spine fractures, 5 spinal cord injuries. Also, there were:  36 lung injuries, 70 injuries to the spleen, liver, kidneys or pancreas extremity fractures were found in 208 children with broken legs being the most common.  In addition there were 12 amputations.

The youngest patient was a 6 month-old infant riding with his mother. His thigh bone was fractured.  Lastly there were 6 fatalities and several cases of long-term disabilities.  “If we are going to allow children to operate ATVs, then we must, at the minimum, mandate helmet use,” concluded Marumoto.

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